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Welcome to the website of Blue Bink and Friends!

Books in the Blue Bink series help children learn basic subjects like colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Dozens of common sight words are included in each book for early readers. The characters share what they know in a fun way so kids are entertained while they learn. Author and illustrator Jim Richard is working hard to grow the series and make new subjects available soon.

Blue Bink Word Search Blue Bink Books is happy to share a new Blue Bink Word Search. Stay tuned for more activity sheets!

Learn Colors Blue Bink Books has a new blog. Check it regularly to keep up to date with Blue Bink news! Today's post features a welcome-to-the-blog and some of the history of Blue Bink Books.
We want to cover all kinds of subjects with the books so we started with one of the basics: help kids learn colors. The next three books guide our young readers to learn shapes, letters and numbers. Next, we're hoping to write a book about opposites!

Green Gern Likes to Learn - Numbers Green Gern Likes to Learn - Numbers is now available on Green Gern likes to learn! Blue Bink's friend is learning about numbers and basic math each day this month. Come join him on his journey!

Blue Bink Books makes it easier for the little one in your life to learn colors! The entire text of Blue Bink Likes to Think - Colors is now available as a free video on YouTube: